About Us

RPA CONSULTANCIES LLP is a leading GST Consultant firm rendering comprehensive professional services which include Audit, Management 
Consultancy, Tax Consultancy, Accounting Services, Manpower Management, Secretarial Services etc.  RPA CONSULTANCIES LLP is a professionally 
managed firm. The team consists of distinguished Chartered Accountants, Corporate Financial Advisors and Tax Consultants. The firm represents a 
combination of specialized skills, which are geared to offers sound financial advice and personalized proactive services. Those associated with the firm 
have regular interaction with industry and other professionals which enables the firm to keep pace with contemporary developments and to meet the 
needs of its clients.

RPA CONSULTANCIES LLP prefers to provide the right assistance in practically to small and bigger businesses in a very secure and worry free way. 
Through the latest and advanced accounting software our motive is to provide the quick base services and solutions that takes out calculations in 
minutes. Except of doing manual tiring work we are using latest software and services like Asset, Tally ERP 9, Busy and other accounting software.
We provide the best services to manage Sales Tax, Central Sales Tax, Income Tax and Service Taxes Returns. In the prime era of competition with a 
long queue of running business and to enlarged network with number of clients, associates, and other personal expenses it is important to manage 
every single expense in a list and maintaining it with proper comprehension.

We at RPA CONSULTANCIES LLP offers the actual methods to just expand the business network with involving more revenues into it, rest leave on us 
to manage and maintain good accounting records with each expense and profit details. We offer our clients balanced reasons to grow with their 
businesses and earning potentials.
Our aim is to provide them a base where they can run easily and leave their worries for maintaining their money matters and legal issues on us. To give 
them a collaborative support with advance operational assistance as per their business needs and essentials we speaks up to let them relaxed and to 
concentrate on generating higher profitable revenues into businesses. We commit to each of our client to make them remember timely about filing returns, 
paying taxes as per required governmental dates, paying service taxes, submitting Profit and Loss reports and other important things which can be slip 
up from the mind in the hustle of doing and expanding businesses.

Our responsibility is to make each of our clients organized and solvable without any worry or confusion about doing legal formalities with proper legal 
procedures to let them take the appropriate decisions.


(1) Wide range of quality services.
(2) High level of professionalism and excellence.
(3) Value for money in our services.

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